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EAC Marketing is a leading marketing agency that focusses on creating organic and innovative marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms.

who are we?

EAC Marketing was established to address the need for greater structure and efficiency in the organic content marketing industry. Our agency offers a cost-effective service to companies looking to expand their reach and drive business growth. Our approach focuses on creating highly effective campaigns that deliver strong ROI and incorporate changing marketing principles to always stay up to date.

our approach

Our comprehensive network of carefully selected social media content creators on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube allows us to tap into a highly engaged and relevant audience of millions of potential customers. Our influencer-driven approach has consistently demonstrated higher conversion rates, compared to traditional social media advertising campaigns. Leveraging the power of trusted creators to deliver organic, targeted advertising on TikTok and other platforms is the future of effective growth and marketing in 2023.

define your kpi

Establishing clear performance indicators is an essential initial step. By defining specific goals for the campaigns and establishing a system for measuring success, we can ensure the effectiveness of our efforts.

pick content creators

We carefully select different content creators based on your target audience, budget, and objectives in order to optimize the efficiency of our campaigns.


We work with our creators to ensure that the content and campaign are carried out exactly as desired.

Campaign Optimisation

After implementing the campaign, we wait for the results to come in. Based on the performance, we will adjust the influencers and content as needed and provide detailed reports.

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